Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vancity Girlfriends Dine Out at Taste Resto Lounge

Hey Vancouverites,
It's Vancity Girlfriends again and this time we've got something new for you!  We bought a Social Shopper coupon for a Five Course Dinner with Five Wine Pairings at Taste Resto Lounge at 560 Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver, BC. 

Now you never know what you'll get when trying new restaurants and especially one that has undergone a management change.  However this experience was a positive one filled with smiles as we embarked on our culinary adventure.  Of course the wine tastings were AMAZING!  

What was our favourite dish? - It was difficult to choose just one!  We both loved the lamb chops.  But it doesn't stop there!  Kudos to the apple feta cumin and scallop spoon, three way oysters, and both desserts.  Like its name, the chefs give you a TASTE of flavours in even a small bite.

This was a great place for us to catch up and plan the future for Vancity Girlfriends.  We'll be back to Taste Resto Lounge in the summer! 

Take a look at what we experienced!  Enjoy!
Maria & Carolyn
1.  Spring Garden Salad

2.  Three way oysters or Risotto balls

3.  Stuffed Lamb Chops (stuffing on side)

4.  Sundried Scallop or Apple Cumin Feta Spoon

5.  Creme Brulee or Pear Cobbler

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