Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY Crafts: Whimseybox

Dear Crafty Vancity Girlfriends,

Whimseybox is a new DIY Crafts subscription box that I'm trying out and they ship at the end of the month so I've been waiting all month long for the box to arrive.  Today I got a surprise when I saw a package from Whimseybox at home waiting for me.  

It seemed odd cause it was in a manilla envelope and I was wondering if this was the Whimseybox project for June.  I ripped open the envelope to find that instead it was my FREE Washi Tape, "Stop Pinning Start Making" stickers and pins.  

I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with the gold washi tape but when I figure it out, you'll be the first to know.  In the meantime we all have to wait for my June Whimseybox review.  

Til next time,
Vancity Girlfriend Maria

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