Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Subscription Boxes - Homespun Treasure June Signature Box

Hello Everyone,
As Glossybox Canada leaves us, we started to look at other beauty boxes.  During my research I discovered a local monthly subscription box.  It's made in British Columbia (BC) Canada and it supports local artisans.  

As a Canadian we are always asking if the subscription boxes ship to Canada.  Not with Homespun Treasure Signature Boxes!  If you live in BC, this signature treasure box is for you.  It's a great way to be surprised every month but also support the local community and artisans. 

I found a Facebook coupon for $5 discount so the Homespun Treasure June Box was $20 instead of $25 and that includes FREE shipping!  The theme for the June Signature Box is "Eye of the Beholder" - all things that are beautiful. 

Here's what we found inside the box: 

Oh Dear Note Card with envelope $2.75

I'm going to use it as a Father's day card and write:

"Thanks for guiding me through the forest of life"
Happy Father's Day!

Kirina's Krafts
Silver leaf earrings $6

These are so classic and trendy at the same time.  They will match any outfit easily.  
I'm keeping these ones for my earring collection.

Saniki Creations
Chainmaille Bracelet with Crystals $40

The touch of crystals add the bling to the bracelet.  It's a perfect birthday gift for a friend! 

Shh!  Don't tell I got it in the box.

Black Sheep Laquer
Two bottles of Nail Polish $10
One bottle of purple and one glitter.  

Watch our June Homespun Treasure Signature Box Unboxing to see Vancity Girlfriend Carolyn try on the glitter nail polish!


That's $58.75 worth of beautiful things for $20 (with facebook coupon).  Sexy Savings!

Come back in July to see what treasures we'll find in the Homespun Treasure July Signature Box Unboxing. 

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