Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Canada Subscription Box: Tasting Box Subscription - Upcoming changes for August!

Foodie Pages which is website that sells Canadian gourmet food and drinks.  Now I've been longing to get on their list for their Tasting Box Subscription but they have limited quantities and are always sold out!  

Here's an exciting update!  Starting on August 1st, 2013, they are changing to a first come, first serve online ordering system each month.  So when the orders are open on the 1st of each month at noon (EST), the first 50 people who order, get a box.  This gives me a chance to get a box each month!  

It still likely will not be easy but I will have a CHANCE!  

Why is this Tasting Subscription Box so popular?  Likely because of it's value of $14.95 which includes shipping in Canada.  

Canadian companies supporting other Canadian companies! 

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