Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Twin Falls

Hello Everyone,

During the last week in June I spent four beautiful days in Smithers, BC and I wanted to share with you moments of my trip on "Travel Tuesday".  I love nature and that's why my first post on Travel Tuesday is to the Twin Falls in Smithers, BC.  

Twin Falls is a short 10 minute drive from Smithers between the town and the airport.  The road signs are clearly marked and the trail up to the Twin Falls is well marked.  Twin Falls is a family friendly easy hike that takes you to the viewpoint of two twin waterfalls.  Be sure to bring your mosquitob repellent and bottle of water.  On the trail up to the Twin Falls, I saw kids of all ages, seniors, and families with babies on their backs.  That gives you an indication of how easy this hike is and you can get pretty close to the Twin Falls and the river so make sure your kids have common trail sense.

If you get the chance, it was a short trail with beautiful views.

See you next Travel Tuesday,
Vancity Girlfriend Maria

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