Friday, March 14, 2014

Vancouver Restaurants: Turkish Food at Anatolia's Gate

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

It's so great to try food from different countries and I did that recently with a girlfriend.  I met her at work and then we had the decision of deciding where to go for dinner.  Do we go to Joey's (classic western restaurant) or Anatolia's Gate (turkish food restaurant)?  

I am very happy to say that the idea of turkish food at Anatolia's Gate won!  I had been there once before years ago.  We went to the location on Kingsway in Burnaby.  It's a comfortable, cozy restaurant and the first thing that you notice is the wood burning oven creating the puffed turkish bread lavash!  

Lavash is a MUST when you go to Anatolia's Gate.  The break is light and fluffy and you'll be surprised to see how puffed it can become before you prick it with a fork to see it deflate.  Then you tear off a piece with your hands and dip it in the yogurt dip.  PRICELESS.  It is a good thing that this is offered with the entree meals.

My friend ordered the Lamb Curry and I ordered the Mixed Kebab.  Both main dishes came with rice, vegetables and the lavash.  Their rice is also amazingly light and fluffy.  

They have a lot of other items on the menu like the hot stone casserole 'guvech' and different types of 'kebabs' and more to make another trip worthwhile.  Just thinking about the experience in the Turkish restaurant that felt like a family home makes my mouth water.  

Check out the menu and Anatolia's Gate website:

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