Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crafternoon: Hershey Kiss Roses

On a Sunday afternoon, I decided to turn it into crafternoon, unplug and create something new!  I found this craft idea on Pinterest and loved it because it is simple and easy to make.  You can make these for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or for your Teacher's Gifts, or Gratitude Gifts.  You do not need a lot of materials to create something that is pretty and great for those chocolate lovers on your list.  

1)  Hershey Kisses
2)  Cellophane paper - since my kisses were pink, blue, and green, I had a transparent colour for the cellophane wrap
3)  Stem leaves
4)  Stem wire
5)  Floral tape

You can do variations of this with what you have but the idea is to basically take two hershey kisses and wrap them together so they look like rose buds.  Then you use the floral tape to add the stem and wrap it down the wire.  Voila, you have yourself a Hershey Kiss Rose.  

Shopping tip:  Check out your dollar stores, or if you want to shop it all at Michaels which is what I mostly did, then don't forget the online Michaels coupons.  

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