Monday, January 04, 2016

Girl's Night Out: Personas Patio + Restaurant + Lounge Grand Villa

A few times a year I have a girl's night out at the Grand Villa Casino.  The ladies and I play our luck at the penny slots.  We have won, we have lost, we always have fun while we're at it.  

This time I made reservations for us using Open Table (yes, I wanted the 100 points for a reservation) at Personas Patio + Restaurant + Lounge located inside the Grand Villa Casino.  It was empty when we arrived at around 5:30pm but was pretty full as we left to play the slots.  Before 6pm they had their happy hour drinks.  I tried a French 42 Cocktail which is sparkling wine with lemon and such.  Pretty fancy!  Singe shot was enough for me and for $5 a drink, it was a steal!  We decided to share appetizers so we tried the chicken wings, meatballs, poutine, and calimari.  It has a lounge atmosphere with comfortable seating and great for chatting with girlfriends.  Perfect start to an exciting evening!  


  1. Sounds fun! Girls nights are a must - I just chatted a moment ago with a dear friend, we are long overdue!

    1. Just set a date and do it! Great memories, laughter, and food are always discovered at girls nights.