Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sunday Funday - Ready to Pay at The Burrard Public House

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

So what do you do on a rainy Sunday?  We decided to venture to Port Moody, BC to try the "Ready to Pay" app that is making its debut at the Burrard Public House.  

"Ready to Pay" does as the title suggests, when you are finished your meal and instead of waiting for a server to get the bill and then bring back the machine for you to pay, you just pay from right there on the spot with your cell phone and walk away.  Okay, to be polite it is courteous to let the server know you've paid with "Ready to Pay" so they don't chase after you ;)

"Ready to Pay" is now available on Apple and Android devices.  Every menu has a specific table number.  After we ordered, we could even check the prices and what we ordered on the app to make sure the server got everything correct before our food arrived.  It's super easy to use and it was nice that when we were ready to pay, we had control over it.  I think the server liked that too.  

Chicken Wings and Dry Ribs
Right now the app is available at the Burrard Public House in Port Moody, BC and even though it sounds far, it was only a 15-20 mins drive from Metrotown in Burnaby. 

So what was The Burrard Public House like?  It's an old fashioned pub.  Affordable drinks, and cheap appetizers on Sundays.   Every Sunday they have a menu of appetizers for $6 each from 3pm - closing so that's a great deal!  We ordered the chili lime chicken wings and dry ribs from the appetizer menu.  Totally worth it!  There are over a dozen wings on that plate.  I'd go back just for those generous portion sizes.  

For the main course, I had the Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and gravy.  Boy, I was completely stuffed!  

Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and gravy
The menu at the Burrard Public House is quite extensive and I can't wait to return to try more of their comfort food.  Next time, we're thinking of going for the Sunday brunch.   If you're thinking of going to the Burrard Public House, don't forget to download your free "Ready to Pay" app so you can pay when you're ready.  Super cool Sunday Funday!

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