Sunday, April 03, 2016

Subscription Box Sunday - Baker's Krate Dessert Box (March Unboxing)

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

As promised on Subscription Box Sunday, I will unbox the March box for Baker's Krate Dessert Box.  This is a subscription box from Canada that contains 4-6 sweet treats that are handmade with love and shipped to your doorstep.  Now when we do our unboxing videos on YouTube, since we are unboxing the Baker's Krate subscription box for the first time on the spot, we are guessing what items might be when we are looking at them.  We are pretty honest with our unboxing.  (Not like some reality shows where you know that everything has been staged - it's all too good to be true).

Anyways, here's what was inside Baker's Krate March box.

1.  Bacon Butter Tart Pie in a Jar 
2.  Caramilk Chocolate Chip Cooke
3.  Chocolate Chunk Cookie
4.  Butterscotch Quickie
5.  Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich
6.  Crinkle Cookie

The butterscotch quickie in a sandwich bag was a little odd.  When I opened the box, I thought it was a topping for the cookie, but it's a separate dessert in itself.  The cookies were delicious and I'm saving the Bacon Butter Tart in  Jar for when I have some vanilla ice cream because then I can heat it up and put ice cream on top as they have suggested in the Baker's Krate menu.  

Now watch our Baker's Krate unboxing video to see the unboxing of each item.  

Out of the two Baker's Krate dessert boxes that I've received so far, the February Valentine's Day box is my favorite.  I do have one more Baker's Krate Box arriving for April so we will see if it can be better than the February Box.

Either way, none of the treats last long in my household.  Enjoy!  

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