Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Vancouver Restaurant - Freshbowl

My foodie girlfriend recommended that we meet up at Freshbowl at 360 Cambie Street before my Meditation and Calligraphy class.  I loved the idea.  Freshbowl is a Vancouver fast food restaurant that offers healthy food options of South East Asian.  It is an affordable South East Asian fusion food that has a variety of combinations for every taste.  It has influences from Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese food.  

There are three rows that you can choose from to create your Freshbowl meal.  They have rice, noodles, or salads.  With each there is a sauce that you can choose and then your choice of protein or combinations.  Originally I was going to go for the Prawn Laksa with round noodles however it was a sunny day and warm inside the restaurant that I decided to try the Pad Thai Flat Noodles with Prawns.  Each bowl is quite photogenic and picture perfect.  Since each bowl is only $9.95, I splurged and tried a side order of Roti.  

The restaurant was empty when we arrived and left so it did feel like I was meeting girlfriends in my dining room where I didn't have to do any cooking.  What a lovely way to entertain!  I would absolutely return to try different combinations.  Freshbowl is worth a try if you are in Gastown in Vancouver and are looking for a fast meal.  What's your favorite Freshbowl combination?

Freshbowl - Roti Side Order

Freshbowl - Flat Noodle Pad Thai with Prawns

Freshbowl - Bali Salad with Peanut Sauce and Prawns

Freshbowl - Bali Salad with Maple Lime sauce and Prawns with Chicken

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