Monday, December 26, 2016

Movie Monday: Minamalism A Documentary About The Important Things in Life

During the holidays while consumerism and materialism is at its height, I like to be reminded of the simpler things in life.  So when I saw the documentary on Netfliex:  Minamalism A Documentary About The Important Things in Life, I knew it would inspire me to do some Christmas downsizing.

Obviously this documentary is not a Hollywood blockbuster and it took a few attempts at watching it before I finished it.  This might be because I tried to watch it in bed which I husband warned me that this documentary would make me fall asleep.  (Minamalism is more thought than action packed).  I was already familiar with the idea and it was interesting to see how others have taken the concept.  Some give up their careers and homes and travel the world.  Some live with less.  The idea to not get caught up with the "latest" craze or have a need to "shop" or get what keeping up with the Jones.  Instead it is a lifestyle of living with less.  Less possessions, belongings, and clutter. 

I have done de-cluttering over the past decade and have had a fascination with that since I came from a hoarder mentality and background.  After all when I was younger, I collected paper bags (this is a bad idea since it was the nest of bugs that made me give up the entire collection).  So over the years, I slowly de-cluttered my space and possessions.  The last attempt had been with the Mari Kondo method of Spark Joy.

I know that since I have stopped spending on clothing during the past six months I definitely have not felt as though I have missed out on anything.  Initially it's the fear that others will notice, but in the end my wardrobe had a more professional appeal and no one even noticed that I wasn't wearing the latest trend.

In Minamalism A Documentary, they mentioned Project 333 which motivated me to do another sweep of my wardrobe and closet.  In that initiative there are 33 items of clothing including shoes and accessories to wear for three months.  I have to admit that I haven't reduced to 33 items yet.  But I have don't need my entire closet anymore.  It has made me happier to see a less cluttered space and I wear clothing that is comfortable, fits, and sparks joy. 



  1. I've been interested in minimalism since a magazine I read did a piece about the clothing fashion aspect of it. I've never been good at dressing myself, so this style has been a godsend for me! Anyways, I've added this movie to my queue. I might make some popcorn tonight, settle beneath the covers, and have my own little date night!

    1. It sparked my minimalism tendancies after watching the documentary, I've cleaned out my closet (but still don't have it down to 33 yet), paper files (so old school), and expired cosmetics. That'll be my new year word: Minamalism. Have fun on your date night!