Sunday, August 13, 2017

Chef's Plate Grilled Cedar Planked Salmon

Chef's Plate is a meal delivery service that delivers all the ingredients for fresh and local meals made in 30 minutes to your home or office.  I was lucky enough that my friend who was going out of town forgot to cancel her subscription so she offered it to me.  WOW!  Of course I jumped at the chance.  I had heard about Chef's Plate before but since we live in an apartment building, it's not as convenient because I need to be home to accept the delivery.  Even though it can be delivered to the office, the delivery box seemed so large that I would have trouble carrying it on public transit.

My friend Chef's box had two easy dinners inside for a Grilled Cedar Planked Salmon and a Bean and Goat Cheese Salad, both dinner were for two people.  When I received the box at work, it looked large on the outside, I opened it and realized that the bulk of the box was the ice packs and packaging to keep the salmon cold.  I transferring the easy Chef's Plate bags (1 per dinner with the ingredients inside) to a shopping bag and just kept one of the ice packs to the keep the salmon fillet cold and it much easier to transport.  
The Grilled Cedar Planked Salmon photo impressed me that I decided to create a vlog so you can see the process and to see if I did a good job or not.  

Using Chef's Plate saved me time that week because I didn't have to go grocery shopping.  All the ingredients I needed was in the Chef's Plate bag in a tidy package.  They remembered everything and the recipes were easy to follow and read.  Normally I wouldn't be able to afford Chef's Plate so I'm happy that luck followed me.  If you are curious, email and I can ask if my friend has a referral code to send to you.  

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