Tuesday, November 07, 2017

NaBloPoMo Day 7 - Thrifty Tuesday A & W Coupons

Thrifty Tuesday A & W Coupons
NaBloPoMo 2017 Day 7 

I love using coupons to save money especially on fast food.  A & W is a Canadian classic and has been around since 1956.  I love eating in and getting the A & W root beer in a frosty mug.  The A & W root beer is made with cane sugar.  I was lucky because I was babysitting my niece who likes A & W kids pack.  She ordered the chicken strips kids pack with orange juice and fries.  I ordered a teen burger combo with a root beer and often the coupons are for upgrades which is what I did here.  I paid for the Teen Burger combo which normally comes with french fries but with my coupon I got a free upgrade to onion rings.  What I didn't notice until after we sat down was that they even have a self serve kiosk at A & W now.  I'm an introvert so I love self serve kiosks because all of the choices are there without having to interact or try to figure out what the cashier is asking for.  It wasn't busy so ordering at the counter did not take very long and there were spaces in the restaurant for us to enjoy a lovely A & W lunch with my niece.  Every now and again they change up the coupons too.  Here's the link for the A & W coupons to save a buck or two:  https://awcoupon.ca/en

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