Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodbye Glossybox Canada?

Hi Vancouver Girlfriends,
So we wonder if to it is time to say Goodbye to Glossybox Canada after not receiving their May Glossybox.  Normally they are on time with payments and shipping but not this month.  Normally they are active during business days with their social media (Twitter and Facebook) accounts but not after mid- May.

Good news is that since we were on month-to-month, we didn't lose any money.  I'm not sure what happens to those who had prepaid subscriptions.  At this time nothing official has been announced but I'm sure everyone is thinking it....

Did Glossybox Canada close its doors?  Did Glossybox Canada go bankrupt?  Is it time to say Goodbye to Glossybox Canada?

We don't have a May Glossybox to unbox.  We are looking into other subscription boxes to unbox and review for you!  

Yours truly,
Vancity Girlfriend Maria
June 1st, 2013 - Official Glossybox Canada Announcement was sent to Canadian Glossies.
Unfortunately Glossybox USA does not ship to Canada.

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