Friday, May 17, 2013

Gluten Free Epicurean with VanCity Girlfriend Maria

Hello Vancouver Girls!
Right now I'm on a staycation and the best part is spending quality time with old friends and discovering new places.  The Gluten Free Epicurean is one place I would never go to on my own because I'm not gluten free. When my friend brought me there, it was nothing like what I imagined.  It was quaint and pretty.  They served the cakes on tea plates and it felt like you were going for afternoon high tea. 


My friend is gluten free and she LOVES this place!  Now I know why.  Often we think that going gluten free means going taste free but this is not the case at the Gluten free Epicurean.  You would never know that you are missing anything at all.

I had the special of the day which was a Lemon, Vanilla, Lavendar Cake!  The combination was truly unique and lovely.  We shared a teapot of Cherry Fig black tea.  
The peanut butter brownie was for my five year old 'niece' who also enjoyed the trunk full of toys and books for kids.  

We were lucky because it was quiet and the choices were plentiful on a Friday afternoon.  I have heard that on the weekends, they do sell out on their selections so you want to go there early for your best choices.


I think that it would be great fun one day to return to have your own 'afternoon high tea'.  Order a bunch of different cakes, brownies, cookies to share with different pots of tea. 

Enjoy what Vancity has to offer!
Your VanCity Girlfriend,