Sunday, August 25, 2013

Langley Shopping Afternoon and Montanas Cookhouse

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

Want a quick escape from the city to shop in the big box stores?  Then head out to Langley!  That's what we did for a Sunday shopping spree in Langley, BC.

On Sunday mornings the shopping doesn't start until 11am but Walmart is always open early.  We went there first to get diapers and soap.  And I had my breakfast burrito and mocha to start my morning.  

Then we went off to find more exciting stores to browse in which included Payless Shoes (unfortunately the only winner was Toby with two pairs) and Old Navy.  Old Navy was having an extra 30% off their active wear so that was a good deal (workout shirts at $9 each)!  

Willowbrook Mall was the main attraction with Ricki's women's clothing store!  We both LOVE Rickis.  They were selling off their summer stock at an extra 50% off all of the clearance items.  In addition their fall line up was in full swing.  That means we both found lots that suited our needs and for a real steal of a deal. [I got black dress pants, sleeveless top, short sleeve sweater, short sleeve jacket, and green top for $101.54 including taxes].  

After all of that shopping, we were famished and headed over to Montanas Cookhouse.  It's an all American Cowboy and Cowgirl restaurant.  We decided to get appetizers to share which included deep fried pickles, kapow shrimp, chicken wings, and oven baked antojitos.  Antojitos were the all around favourite!

Oven baked antojitos

Kapow Shrimp

Deep fried pickles

Double dusted chicken wings

Can't get enough of our Sunday Shopping Afternoon?  Visit us on YouTube for Vancity Girlfriend Shopping Afternoon.

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