Monday, August 12, 2013

Sephora: Marc Jacobs Beauty Released

Hello Vancity Girlfriends!
Have you heard the latest new?  That Marc Jacobs Beauty has now been released and is available at Sephora online.  I'll check my local Sephora store to see if it has debuted there yet. 
I like the marketing with catchy names for the beauty line such as "Lust for Lacquer" and "Remedy" (for the concealer pen), and Style Eye-Con 7 (eye shadow pallette of 7).  His flair for fashion seems to be lending into his beauty!  
Since I'm not a make up artist, or a beauty expert of any sort, instead I am the opposite.  A beauty beginner but still wanting to learn about the latest beauty trends, here are some articles about the Marc Jacobs Beauty collection. 

Beauty World News 

For US residents, you are lucky, cause there will be #MarcMonday Giveaway starting today.  
(Unfortunately it is not open to Canadians). 

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