Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Las Vegas - Bellagio Fountains

Welcome back to Travel Tuesday!  We're continuing with our Las Vegas series.  My favourite attraction in Las Vegas are the Bellagio fountains. 
It moves me every time especially to see it at night with the lights, music, and fountain show.  It's amazing to see the fountains soar to new heights and the choreography of the water with the music.  
Every time I get my front row seat and am ready for action.  I get my camera ready for still shots.  I've discovered that if you try to video or take too many pictures, you miss the moment of being in front of the Bellagio Fountains and allowing the moment move you.  
I always feel the happiness in my heart as I watch the Bellagio Fountains crescendo to a climax, so does my fluttering heart just as though it was a first kiss that you've been leading up to and waiting for.  Feel the moment and go to my favourite free attraction in Vegas - The Bellagio Fountains!

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