Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sexy Sunday: Boink Box (Adult Subscription Box)

Welcome back to Sexy Sunday!  Now there are reviews about all different subscription boxes but few on adult subscription boxes and we hope to change that!  With time of course.  Right now it's time to take a a look at what type of adult subscription boxes are on the market.  

When I first discovered Luv My Box, I was pretty excited because it seemed interesting and had pretty good reviews of the past boxes.  BUT it has been bought by Boink Box!

I have to admit that Boink Box does have good customer service.  I had been somewhat through my transaction for free lubes but backed out at the end because of the shipping fees.  Boink Box customer service emailed me to see if I needed help because they knew I didn't finish the transaction.  The shipping fee was $10 and I didn't really want to try a box of lube that badly even if it was "free". 

Boink Box has three different plans:
1.  $25 Make Out Monthly Box - Lube and small items each month.
2.  $50 Monthly Box - Lube, toys and fun stuff to explore.
3.  $85 Quarterly Luxury Box - Lube, luxury toys and surprises.  

Unlike Luv My Box, they do not have past boxes to take a look at so I'm not sure what to expect.  I definitely would want toys so I would take a closer look at the Luxury Box.  

They also have a Boink Box Boutique online store where they sell different toys and fun stuff.  Enjoy exploring their website on this Sexy Sunday!

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