Saturday, August 03, 2013

Subscription Boxes: Poppy Parcel

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

Now I really do love lifestyle boxes that are a mystery and it surprises you when you open the box.  The BC Canada Subscription Box that ships only to BC residents is Homespun Treasures and we have enjoyed opening the June and July signature boxes. 

So I was quite excited that I found another lifestyle box from the US called Poppy Parcel.  It has the same concept that at the first of every month, they will have the Poppy Parcel available and you order your box ('Grab your box' as they call it on the website.  Then Alex and Lindsay, the owners and curators, will choose the items and ship it your way.  The cost is $19.99 for the box when you pre-order and for Canadians there is an extra $10 shipping fee.  This is a reasonable price for a monthly surprise at $29.99 including shipping.  

If they have extra boxes, they will sell them at an increase price of $25 so it is best to 'pre-order' so to speak.  

What's inside the box?  I'm going to order the August Poppy Box and let you all know.  Come back and keep an eye out on Vancity Girlfriends YouTube channel.

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