Monday, August 05, 2013

How to Get a Makeover with Merle Norman

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,
A friend of mine recommended Merle Norman in Metrown Mall in Burnaby, BC as an affordable and place to get my eyebrows waxed for $15.  I was impressed after the eyebrow waxing that I decided to have a special event makeover.  
So how to get a makeover with Merle Norman?  It's easy!  All I did was make an appointment and show up.  The makeover is $40 which you spend on product so essentially the makeover is free.
The make up artist was sweet and knowledgeable especially since she had to deal with someone like me who doesn't know the difference between smoky eyes and dramatic eyes.  Regardless of my lack of knowledge (Yes, Carolyn needs to teach me more!), she was able to get the idea of what I wanted for the wedding that night. 
Even though I spent more than the make application, it was worth it!  And I get these wonderful products to take home and try:

1.  Anti-Redness Cream - moisturizer for day or night.   $65
2.  Aqua Balance Foundation - for normal to oily skin.  $45
3.  Contour Make up Brush - for eye shadow in the crease. $24
4.  Free sample lipstick for touch up for my make up application.  

Lucky for me it's GIFT time (started on August 1st while supplies last) so if you buy 2 products you get the following:
5.  Eyeshadow
6.  Sample Gyclolic Rejuvenating Pad
7.  Sample Anti-Aging Emulsion
8.  Sample Energizing Concentrate
9.  Cosmetic Bag

Practice makes perfect so I'll be experimenting more with my day to day and weekend make up application!  And watching Merle Norman YouTube How-To Videos.

See you next time,
Vancity Girlfriend Maria

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