Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Subscription Boxes: Snackbox August Review

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,
When I received my Snackbox I waited because I thought I would do a vlog on our vlog night.  But when vlog night came around, I went downtown so Snackbox was too big for me to carry.  Nevertheless the Snackbox Vlog never came to be.  And in the end, it was my tummy that couldn't wait any longer to open the August Snackbox.  
So now it's time to BLOG and uncover what's inside the healthy Snackbox in our August Review.  Snackbox Squirrel is back to introduce what's inside the August Snackbox.

Ener-C Vitamin Packs - Powdered drink mix that has your vitamins for the day, helps boost your immune system and is a healthy energy boost.  Easy to use!  Mix with water and drink.

Surf Sweet Watermelon Rings Candy

Fiesta Lime Rice Chips - Didn't even notice that they weren't corn or tortilla chips!

Snapea Crisps - Baked green pea crisps.

Dehydrated apples.  Light and airy apple bites.

Redberry Blue Oatmeal - I LOVED this for a quick morning breakfast!

True to Nature Granola Bar

Hippie Granola - Where's the yogurt?

Healthy and original but I'm hesitant.  Kale & chocolate???  I might not be THAT adventurous.

Coconut water is great for hydration.  Taste wise, not much to it. 

Dark Chocolate & Orange is the healthy combination for this Chocolate Crunch

My favourite snack was the breakfast Rocket Oatmeal in a Cup!

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