Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Subscription Boxes: Poppy Parcel August Review

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

Now I love surprises and receiving surprises so that's why Poppy Parcel intrigued me.  They are an American company with two female owners who curate the box and ship it out!  What I liked about the box is that it is not a recurring subscription so you do not need to worry about monthly credit card charges.  When you want the box, you order for the month that you want it.  They are actually pre-orders and then the fill the orders and send you the box.
 As we know, shipping from the US to Canada, always has its issues and for Poppy Parcel it took a LONG time before the August box reached me (it arrived in mid-September).  

Poppy Parcel is a cute concept and the box has some cute products but I'm not sure if the value is enough to have me ordering more.  Keep in mind that if you live in the US, it is a better value because you do not need to pay the Canadian shipping fees.  

So, let's take a look inside the August Poppy Parcel:
Countercouture Hand Painted Tea Towel

Nail Butter Nail Enhancer

Paper banner - You have to sign up to get a free download.
Poppy Parcel August Box
Initially I thought that their was a full paper lemonade banner inside but there were only a couple of cut outs so that was a little disappointing.  They did include coupons but I don't really count that as a value item for the box because you need to spend more money to save money.
So in reality the box had 3 items (2 jars of the same nail butter - great for a friend).  The hand painted tea towel is unique and good quality but I would want to see more "bang for the buck' or 'value' in the Poppy Parcel.  
Even though it has items for you gift giving box, it's not a box I'll be ordering again anytime soon.   

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