Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wantable September Accessories Subscription Box Review

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

I'm calling it Wantable time!  Now this is a box that surprised us all!  Firstly I decided to order the Wantable September Accessories box and not tell Carolyn.  So she was surprised to unbox our first jewellery subscription box.  

When I first heard about Wantable Accessories box, I was hesitant because I didn't like the style of the boxes from the reviews.  The jewellery was too trendy or stylish for me.  Now I'm a classy lady and I love everyday jewellery that will last!  However as more reviews of the box came out I realized that the jewellery and the accessories box really is different each time depending on the person.  So of course if I'm reading a blog of a 20-something year old, her style is going to be completely different from mine.  That's where the personal style quiz comes into play.  The first thing that you do when you subscribe to Wantable is to answer a series of questions that tells about your personal style.  You can dislike, like, and love items.  

My September Wantable Accessories box really showed my personal style and the quiz worked!  I LOVED all of the pieces and am impressed with how well each piece suited me.  My Vancity Girlfirends also wowed at the Wantable box!  

Quotation Mark Stud Earrings

Lacole Bracelet - Classic Multi tone bracelet

Lulu Necklace - Bling for a simple dress.

Cali Bracelet - Great with jeans for everyday!
Wantable September Accessories Box
 I ordered the Wantable Accessories monthly box which is $46 US/month ($36 for box + $5 shipping to Canada + $5 duty).  The suggested retail value of the items in the box were valued at $88.  Overall I'm impressed with the quality and value of the Wantable September Accessories box. 

If you like my accessories style here is what I put on my personal style quiz.  
I love:  earrings, necklaces, watches, scarves, silver tone.  
I liked:  classic, glam, mix 'n match, bracelets, multi tone, wood, beads, skulls, inspirational text.  (PS I don't actually like skulls but I know Carolyn LOVES skulls so that was for gift giving purposes).
I dislike:  rock n' roll, boho, urban, rings, sunglasses, headbands, gold, acrylic, leatherette, and the rest. 

Til next time,
Vancity Girlfriend Maria

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