Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Travel Tuesday - Sidney by the Sea

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,
It's nice to getaway for an escape on a busy long weekend and sometimes if you choose a nice, sunny day, you can see enjoy scenic views and the sea only a short ferry ride away.  
My parents live in Sidney, British Columbia.  Every time I tell people they live in Sidney, everyone assumes they live in Australia!  However, they are much closer as Sidney is only a 10 minute bus ride from Swartz Bay ferry terminal.  Sidney is known as a retirement town that has a lot of bookstores, stores, thrift shops, restaurants, and views of the sea.  My father is very blunt and he described Sidney as "the place where people wait to die."  
In the summer, it is quite lively with tourists walking along the sea walk with the views of the ocean, fisherman's wharf, abstract art, and more!  I love nature and I'm from the suburbs so it's great to be able to go to Sidney by the sea.

Best views are of the sea on a sunny day when the air is crisp and the blue skies match the sea!   

My escape from the crowds on the BC Ferries was at the Pacific Buffet.  You can enjoy the light lunch at the Pacific Buffet for $13.95 on the 3pm sailing.  It was wonderful to enjoy the light lunch buffet of soups (Clam Chowder), salads, desserts, and beverages (pop, tea, coffee).   I found it a fabulous deal and it was worth it especially to have a table with a view all to myself.

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