Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day Ceremony: Burnaby South

Happy Remembrance Day!  

It is November 11th at 11am when we give a moment of silence for the fallen soldiers who died during the war. 

This year I decided to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony in Burnaby South at the Burnaby Cenotaph by Bonsor Community Centre.  The cenotaph is there all year but it is only on this day when it becomes alive and filled with a large group of spectators, veterans, scouts, cadets and government officials.  

The ceremony begins with a parade of the bagpipe band and marching band that walks along Royal Oak Avenue to the corner of Nelson and Royal Oak where the cenotaph is.  Some spectators watch the parade go by and then walk with the parade along the sidewalk to the end point with is the Burnaby cenotaph.  Once everyone is in place, the ceremony begins with the national anthemn 'Oh Canada'.  

Remembrance Day ceremonies are introspective and silent as we remember.   There is a prayer or memorial from a pastor, a hymn and speech before the laying of the wreaths on the cenotaph from the different groups and officials.  After that it ends with one verse of "God Save the Queen."  

The Remembrance Day ceremony at Burnaby South is small but meaningful.  And it is nice to have a ceremony that the people who live Burnaby South can attend easily on Remembrance Day to give a moment of silence, and remember the soldiers who gave their lives so we can live in peace today. 

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