Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vancouver Brunch: Pan Pacific Sunday Market Brunch

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

Celebrating girlfriends birthdays are a must!  And even if you celebrate a month later, it is the experience, ambiance and memory that makes a difference.  I love girlfriends birthdays because it's a time to treat  friends and myself to something luxurious!

This month we celebrated a birthday at the Pan Pacific Vancouver for the Sunday Market Brunch which runs from 11:30am - 2:30pm every Sunday.  I made reservations a month in advance on Open Table and it was perfect.  The brunch is $52 per person but it's worth it for celebrating those special occasions.  Such a delectable treat!

Pan Pacific Sunday Market Brunch had the ambiance being across from the North Shore mountains and the open windows that provides you with a view anywhere that you sit.  They have lovely piano music that is light and not overwhelming.  The service is excellent because they efficiently bring the tea or coffee and then come to take away the plates when you are none in a non-intrusive way.  It's service that you barely see but when you need something, it's there.  

Now onto the food.  The great thing about brunch is the combination of breakfast + lunch.   

Breakfast:  eggs benedict, omlette station, bacon, sausages, roast potatoes, croissants, fruit,  juices, and dim sum.

Lunch:  duck, carving station with roast beef, salads, shrimp cocktails, sushi, smoked salmon, cheese and bread.

Of course don't forget dessert with bread pudding, flan, mouse, creme brulee, and more!  Added bonus is that they brought the birthday girl a birthday cake with a candle on top.  Funny thing is we don't even know how they knew, they just did (or likely I had made a note on the Open Table reservation).  They waited for the perfect moment when we were ready for dessert to bring out the cake.

I highly recommend it for special occasions or celebrations or catching up with friends where you want to be able to relax and chat and take your time with no rush.   

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