Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vancouver Park: Queen Elizabeth Park in the Fall

Welcome to FALL in Vancouver!

Summer is over.  
Fall is here.  
The leaves are falling and changing colours.  
The fresh air is cool and crisp.

It's time Vancity Girlfriends to go out and explore Vancity Parks at Queen Elizabeth Park.  Queen Elizabeth Park is reknown in the summer for tourists and noted as the 'free' Butchart Gardens.  But you can visit the park any time of year. 

Queen Elizabeth Park has plenty of paid parking which is only $2 per hour.  An hour is plenty of time if you are exploring the park in walking pace.  We paid for two hours and walked around the park three times round and explored every area from the rose garden, quarries, duck pond and main gardens.  I was even stopping to take photos along the way and it took us a bit over an hour.  Other than parking, you can walk around the park grounds and enjoy nature without any admission fee.  (There is a fee for The Bloedel Conservatory).

Queen Elizabeth Park is picturesque and an easy walk around the gardens.  Every season the flowers, greenery and trees are different colours so it's worth a trip over to visit your local park and enjoy 30 minutes a day. 

Research has shown that being in nature for 30 minutes a day for 30 days will help alleviate stress and bring you back to a more peaceful state.  Read the Hiking Research.

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