Friday, November 22, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie Review

Movies are a great way to escape and find release from your day to day stress.  I recently went on a social committee event with my workplace to the preview for The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire.  

If you haven't seen it...SPOILER ALERT...STOP READING.  Only continue if you have already seen the movie or wish to know about the plot details.  

Keep in mind that I haven't read the trilogy.  I'm a fan of the first movie and therefore was dying to see the sequel The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire.  

The sign of a good movie is when you can stay awake.  I always love sequels that use the same actors for the characters which give it consistency in the movie.  This trilogy is young adult fiction that has given way to mainstream.  Since I have never read the books, I really didn't know what to expect plotwise.  And I was in shock to realize that the twists and turns of the sequel.  The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire is less violent than the first movie.  The capital is still glamorous and it was easy to follow even for my colleague who wasn't as familiar with the first movie.  This is an added bonus!  The concept of killing for survival as a game still exists but you can see more the "game" mindset coming from the "game makers" and the players who play to survive.  

The main character Katness is older and more mature but she is emotionally deprived.  Winning victor had a price to pay so when they decide to choose only victors for the special "Hunger Games", it is unexpected for all.  Katness is seen as "hope" and even though death is emminent how they play the game with only victors is more advanced and more community driven.  

The ending of the sequel is likely what most talk about because it leaves you hanging with so many questions.  It really sets you up for a revolution, but I like endings with more closure.  Instead it feels like it is in the middle of the movie even though two hours have passed.  I would have stayed to watch more as the plot at the end had enough twists to really make me crave the next Hunger Games movie.  (And I don't want to wait 2 years).  Overall as an ordinary movie goer I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it.  Of course be ready to want to know more at the end.  

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