Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Montreal Smoked Meat Vancouver Challenge: Dunn's Famous BC

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

I have to say that after one year of being Vancity Girlfriends, we have talked and floated around so many ideas.  Too many to actually do.  Now tonight we finally got around to going to a place that's been on our "list" for a LONG time.  We wanted to try montreal smoked meat in Vancouver.   

That place is Dunn's Famous BC.  I remember that in the summer when they put out the giant pickle in front of Dunn's Famous restaurant, Carolyn texted me the photo of the funny pickle.  HINT HINT. 

When it was Dine Out Vancouver, Carolyn listed Dunn's Famous BC as one of the places we could go for the $18 Dine Out menu.  HINT HINT. 

Now it's March 2014 and we've FINALLY went to Dunn's Famous BC to try it out.  It's the first restaurant in our "Montreal Smoked Meat Vancouver Challenge" where we will try the different restaurants in Vancouver who serve Montreal smoked meats. 

When we walked in, we were greeted and quickly seated in the diner/pub style casual restaurant.  The server was quick to take our drink order and get us started.  We ordered the deep fried pickles as an appetizer which was a must-have for Carolyn.  She ordered the Smoked Meat Reuben sandwich with a Caesar salad and I ordered the Smoked Meat sandwich served with Dunn's poutine.  Both sandwiches came with a pickle and cole slaw on the side.

Deep Fried Pickles

Dunn's Poutine with Smoked Meat

Smoked Meat Reuben Sandwich

Smoked Meat Sandwich
I should always listen to Carolyn because after a year of longing to go to Dunn's Famous BC, she definitely knew what menu to select.  The deep friend pickles with the tangy sauce were excellent.  At first the idea may surprise you but the taste of the deep friend pickles were perfect, not too greasy, and a nice pickle crunch.  The tangy sauce also added to the flavor. 

The Dunn's poutine which was not bad but I thought the smoked meat would be fresh instead of fried.  Even though the fried smoked meat on top of the poutine gave it a different texture, it didn't add much to the flavor.  Next time, I would order the poutine Quebecois style without the crunchy smoked meat.

My smoked meat sandwich had nice tender hearty smoked meat.  It was a good sandwich but since I was sitting across Carolyn and her smoked Reuben sandwich which looked like a triple decker smoked meat sandwich, I really wish I had ordered the Reuben sandwich. 

Of course, Carolyn did her homework the Smoked Reuben sandwich is what Dunn's Famous BC is famous for.  It was so hearty that she could only finish half a sandwich and brought the other half home. 

Overall, the food was good with a nice casual atmosphere and good service.  I would return again but I'd listen to Vancity Girlfriend Carolyn and order the deep fried pickles with the Smoked Reuben Sandwich. 

Dunn's Famous BC Website

Enjoy!  We'll be back with another Montreal Smoked Meat Vancouver Challenge hopefully sometime in 2014.  No promises though since it took us a year to get to Dunn's Famous BC and I want to return to taste the Smoked Meat Reuben!

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