Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sustainable Meat in Vancouver

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

Well, as you may have noticed I've had instead of 'writer's block', it's "blogger's block".  Last year as our followers know was a year of exploring beauty subscription boxes, craft subscription boxes, sexy subscription boxes, jewellery subscriptions and learning all about the subscription box world. 

Then came 2014.  We stopped. 

I had nothing else to write about.  I needed new inspiration.  I've recently found my inspiration while exploring local sustainable meat and where to source it.  I wanted to find local grass or grain fed beef, chicken, or pork without hormones. 

Check out what I found for sustainable meat in Vancouver.

Steveston Stock and Seed Farm - 100% grass fed beef in BC.  They have spring and winter orders.  Now the spring orders are sold out.  They are taking orders for winter (November) pick up in Richmond.  The freezer pack is the option that I was looking at to feed a couple.  It's a 30lb freezer pack of assorted steaks, roasts, ground beef and stewing beef for approximately $225.  (Now only if I knew how much could fit in a normal fridge sized freezer).

Urban Digs Farm Pig Shares - Burnaby local farm that feeds their pigs with vegetables and fruit.  I guess you can say they are vegetarian pigs.  I was looking for local sustainable meat and this one is close to home.  The 1/4 pig option is the one I was considering because it is the smallest share that consists of roasts, ham, sausages, ground pork, bacon, tenderloin and ribs for approximately $340.  They have spring pigs available soon in March/April and summer pig shares for September.  (I wonder if I have enough freezer space to fit even 1/4 pig). 

Gelderman Pig Farm - Local sustainable meat from the Fraser Valley with grain fed pigs.  They are found in some local supermarkets such as Donald's and during the summer I've seen them at local farmer's markets.  I like that you can get smaller sampler packs of 25lb for $120, half pig for $275.  The farm is in Abbotsford so I'm thinking of checking them out when they come to the Vancouver Farmer's market in the summer.

Beasty Box - Local sustainable meat that is delivered fresh every week to the pick up location that is convenient for you.  Every week you receive a variety of meat from beef, chicken, duck, lamb that is enough for 2-3 meals for a couple.  Their spring boxes are from March 6 - June 19 and I decided to buy an entire 16 weeks of sustainable meat for $735.  I chose the New Westminister pick up location at Re-up which is close to the skytrain station.  I chose to buy the Beasty Box not only for the variety of sustainable meat every week, but also the convenience of the pick up location and the fact that I don't need to worry about freezer space.  Instead I will have fresh local sustainable meat that I can make into gourmet meals on the weekends. 

I can't wait to see what the Beasty Box has in store for me! 
The culinary local sustainable meat adventures begins next week! 

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