Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Field BC in Yoho National Park

Road Trip!!  It's road trip time and we drove right into this little mountain resort town on the Alberta and BC border called Field, BC.    

Field, BC has a feeling of a resort town like Whistler, BC, however, without the pomp and circumstance.  It's a quaint small vacation town nestled between mountains and the houses are so cute.  It takes you back in time with the simple deserted streets.  Even though the streets were empty, skiers must have been there for most of the bed and breakfasts and inns had "No Vacancy" signs.  It was peaceful.  Ahh, an introvert's dream to have nature at your doorstep without the crowds or noise.  Just take a few steps and enjoy the picturesque landscape.  

Field BC was a short pit stop in our road trip from Vancouver, BC to Calgary Alberta.  The best discoveries are made this way.  The only inn that had a vacancy was the Truffle Pigs Bistro and Lodge.  The menu had amazing French inspired dishes that attracted our attention!  But we were there during the off hours so the "bar" menu was the only one available.  Even with that we fully enjoyed their Chili Fries.  It's not surprising that it's ranked #1 on Tripadvisor for the best restaurant in Field BC.  Okay, so I don't think there is another restaurant but to have such gourmet quality food in such a remote location and town of only 300 people is a true win win.  I'll be back!

Field BC Travel Guide:
Truffle Pigs Bistro & Lodge:

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