Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Subscription Boxes: Ethical Deal Healthy Surprise Subscription Box

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

I love deals so I decided to start blogging about the different deals that I find and of course I also have a fascination for subscription boxes.  After all, that's how Vancity Girlfriends got started a year ago, it was with subscription boxes.  Even though we don't subscribe to any boxes regularly, we are always on the lookout for new boxes to try out.  Healthy Surprise Subscription box is one of them.

I discovered the Healthy Surprise Subscription box on the Ethical Deal Vancouver website.  Now it can be a bit deceiving because it says $5 for $25 towards your Healthy Surprise subscription box.  Initially I thought, oh, that's a GREAT deal because it's $5 for a subscription box.  Now that's not exactly true.  Instead you get $25 worth of credit to use to purchase your Healthy Surprise Subscription box.  The key word here was "towards".  Now that didn't stop me because when I had the Canadian Snackbox, I loved trying different healthy snacks.  The deal is GREAT for those who live in the US because there is no shipping fee.  For Canadians the shipping fee is $10.  

So I ordered a STARTER SNACK Gift box for $40 after using the Ethical Deal coupon and including shipping.  The STARTER SNACK Gift box has over 11 full sized snacks to feed 1-2 people.  That sounds like a LOT to me!  

Starter Snack Gift Box is $50 + shipping to Canada is $10 = $60
Ethical Deal Coupon $5 (for $25 credit) + extra $35 = $40 for the Healthy Surprise Starter Snack Gift Box.  

Now I was going to say that $40 is a comparable to Snackbox but when I went to the Snackbox website, guess what?, they are a part of Healthy Surprise now!  Aha, if you were a Snackbox subscriber, you can receive 3 months of free shipping.  To find out more about what Snackbox was like read a few of my blog posts from last year.  

Oh, I am surprised and a bit sad to hear that the Canadian Snackbox is no more but now I don't need to feel guilty about not supporting it because in a way, I am!   I'll search a bit now for those Canadian Subscription boxes to support too!  

Thanks for reading Vancity Girlfriend blog!  
Come back again to read our review of Healthy Surprise once it arrives.  

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