Saturday, June 21, 2014

Subscription Boxes: Nerd Block Toy Subscription Box Junior Edition

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

As you know we are always on the lookout for new subscription boxes to try and review for you.  I received a text tonight from Vancity Girlfriend Carolyn to let me know that we will have a guest vlogger opening up a new subscription box in July.

It's Toby, her son, who will be receiving the Nerd Block Junior.  Now I hadn't heard of this box before so I did a little research.  Nerd Block is a Toy Subscription Box with toys that are nerd or geek approved.  We are talking about Star Wars, Dr Who, Marvel themed toys and those of the such.  

Nerd Block Junior has toys appropriate for kids aged 6 - 11.  They have a Nerd Block Junior Boys Edition and a Nerd Block Junior Girls Edition.  I think my 6 year old niece would love a Nerd Block Junior Girls Edition with My Little Pony and Hello Kitty since I just made felt My Little Pony Ears for her girls birthday party.  Anyways, let's take it one step at a time and see what Toby says first.

Nerd Block Original for Adults is 19.99 plus shipping.  
Nerd Block Junior Edtions for Boys or Girls is 13.99 plus shipping.

Let's watch Toby open up his Nerd Block Junior Boys Edition first in July!

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