Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Fitness: Fitbit Aria Scale

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

Christmas came early this year and I got a Fitbit Aria Scale!  Yes, that's what I had on my "Wish List" and then voila it's Christmas in July.

Now Christmas is usually the time when we start to think about our New Year's Resolutions and fitness and healthy lifestyle.  For me, that's all starting now.  Of course Vancouver decided to bring on a summer heat wave and hotter temperatures than usual so it is a bit difficult for me to exercise in 30 degrees when I'm sweating just sitting and watching TV.  August has just begun so I have another month or two to work out my healthy lifestyle routine.  

My Fitbit Aria Scale is just the beginning.  It's a part of the Fitbit series and I already wear my Fitbit One everyday to track my steps (yes, this is a pedometre).  What I like about my Fitbit One is that it is linked to my data and automatically tracks my daily steps.  (I also can't cheat my steps this way).  I can set goals and see how far I'm coming along.  They have a weight feature where I can enter my weight manually, but I never did, so that's where my Fitbit Aria Scale comes into play.

Now with my Fitbit Aria, all I have to do is step on the scale, which records the data in the same place as my Fitbit One.  I can see how much I weigh, % of body fat, and BMI.  Now the sad part is that it can be a bit difficult to see where you stand, the motivating part is that you can get better and maybe I'll be halfway there by the time Christmas comes.  

I now need to get together a fitness regime and healthy meal planning to go with my Fitbit Aria Scale.  Did I forget to tell you that it will only tell you how much you weight, but you still have to do the work to get fit!

So with that in mind you can expect to see more upcoming posts on meal planning, fitness and how I'm doing to reach my healthy lifestyle goals.

Currently I am overweight slightly and my body fat percentage is a tad above normal so my lifestyle goal will be to get into the normal range by the end of the year and keep it there.  

Thanks for reading and we'll see you again next time!

Vancity Girlfriend Maria

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