Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vancouver Event: Free Waterfront Cinema at Canada Place

We have hot summer nights and what are you going to do in the city?  Well, here's one answer for you!  Bring your girlfriends, blanket, snacks, and pants to the free Waterfront Cinema at Canada Place.  (I came straight from work and sitting on the ground cross legged in a skirt is not the most lady-like, luckily the blanket covered up my legs).  

My girlfriend invited me to "The Notebook" and we had intended to stay only for a part of the movie, but the movie pulled us to tears and we stayed for the entire outdoor show.  

Finding a seat can be difficult so it's a good idea to go early to get the best benches and seats in front of the big screen.  People bring their blankets and chairs early with their picnic to find the best spots and chill out before the show starts.  Pack a picnic full of snacks, I have to admit, that seeing how some folks were prepared with gourmet salad, drinks, and bread, I was jealous.  It was my first time at Waterfront Cinema and my girlfriend packed a few snacks in her purse luckily.  I brought nothing so don't be like me!  Be prepared for your great date night for the summer!  

The outdoor movie theatre is set up with the beautiful scenic backdrop of North Vancouver mountains.  It is quite a gorgeous view at dusk.  Canada Place and Scotiabank also have giveaways for the audience and Rogue has their BBQ too! 

The location at Canada Place is also very close to the skytrain so getting home was convenient and a breeze!  If you have nothing to do one Thursday night in the summer, check out the free Waterfront Cinema at Canada Place.  

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