Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vancouver Restaurant: Marcello Pizzeria on Commercial Drive

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

I love dining out and catching up with my girlfriends.  Now sometimes this happens only once every 3-4 months and when the time comes when can actually meet up, I like to make it a special night.  So tonight my girlfriend and I decided to explore Commerical Drive in Vancouver.  

I had an Entertainment Book coupon for Carthage Cafe which is a French and Tunisian intimate restaurant on Commercial Drive. However, as we were walking towards the restaurant we noticed that it was dark and looked closed.  Once in front of the door, we saw that sign that Carthage Cafe was closed for their annual vacation.  This meant that we would need to save the coupon for another day when they were back after August 26th.  

So we walked down the street and found Marcello's Pizzeria & Restaurant.   Commercial Drive is also known as Little Italy and there are Italian restaurants dotted along the street, but this one had a wood burning oven.  My friend had been to Marcello Pizzeria before and I liked the fact that it had large open spaces and an outdoor patio.  On a muggy day, the outdoor patio is the saving grace especially in a restaurant that has the heat of the wood burning oven.  

Caprese Salad

We decided to share a Caprese salad and Contandina medium pizza.  This was plenty for the two of us.  It was a great evening with the outdoor breeze, okay, the breeze was in my imagination.  The patio is private and perfect for two as the tables are small.  
Great thin crust pizza and very refreshing and flavourful caprese salad.  Sharing the salad and pizza was plentiful for us and gave us savings in the pocket.  With that in mind, I'm sure we'll be back to Commercial Drive to see what else we can find.  
Contadina Pizza


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