Monday, October 13, 2014

Vancouver Spa: Bloom Essentials Picasso Pedicure Party

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

In June at the beginning of summer, Vancity Girlfriends Carolyn & I went to Bloom Essentials for their  Picasso Pedicure and I absolutely loved it.  My toes were painted pretty and they lasted for 4-6 weeks.  It was perfect for the wedding that I attended in London in July and the Picasso Pedicure lasted which was the most important part for me.

I was happily surprised when my work decided to treat the team there after our busiest time of the year was over.  A Bloom Essentials pedicure party was our incentive for meeting our targets.  Boy, did I work hard to try to achieve it.  When September came and it was the beginning of Fall, it was announced that we would be rewarded with a pedicure party.  I was thrilled.

We were the only ones in the spa for our private pedicure party.  Everyone chose to have Picasso Pedicures and we took over the spa for the few hours that we were there.  Since there were 8 of us they had prepared two rooms (each room fit two girlfriends for their pedicures).  The others waited in the comfortable lobby and chatted until the first four were done and then we traded.  

Bloom Essentials is a small, comfortable spa where I felt at home.  I freely went to the different rooms to check out the pedicures of my collegues and chatted with everyone.  Someone brought cookies and sparkling drinks to spruce up the occasion.  I loved it!  

Before I discovered Bloom Essentials, I would get a pedicure once a year, in the massage chairs at Metrotown where the Vietnamese girls would attack your feet and calluses without fear.  I never knew there was anything different, until I went to Bloom Essentials.  They are so gentle with the pedicure that you can truly relax and enjoy catching up with your girlfriend. 

I was really lucky because after the pedicure party, I saw a Groupon for Bloom Essentials for the Picasso Pedicure which is normally $65, but with the Groupon it was at a discount for $49 including a nail file.  I never imagined before that I was the type of woman to have pedicures regularly but after discovering Bloom Essentials and this money saving Groupon, I know that I will be back at the beginning of each season to indulge in the Picasso Pedicure once again.     

Tips for your Bloom Essentials Pedicure Party.  (1)  Book early  (2) Have an even number of guests - each room has space for two  (3) Bring drinks and goodies for everyone

Website:  Bloom Essentials


Before the Picasso Pedicure

After the Picasso Pedicure

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