Saturday, November 15, 2014

Movie Review: Interstellar - Trailer - IN CINEMAS NOW - Official Warner Bros.

Last night after munching on a late light dinner of a deli salad and a fancy grilled cheese sandwich, I lay on the bed just relaxing. Much of what I would normally do on a Friday night, then I felt a tug on my leg asking if I was going to sleep. Nope, I had energy and if Best Buy was open til 10pm, we still had enough time to walk over in the brisk evening air to browse. The crisp night air woke me up. It was good to get an evening walk in. If I stayed at home I likely would have fallen asleep surfing the net.

Instead we were walking and on our way back, it was perfect timing to watch a movie so we went even though it was a Friday night. Now normally on Friday nights we have made the mistake of attempting to go to a movie in the early evening but after seeing the crowds at the front door of the theatre, we always turn around. Tonight we were expecting that but instead of seeing movie goers walk into the theatre, they were all walking out.

We took the chance and got two tickets for INTERSTELLAR. We luckily got one of the last two seats right by the aisle. I didn't know anything about what the movie was about except that some critics had compared it to "Space Odessey" and the fact that it starred Mathew McConaughy. Interstellar surprised me because I kept waiting for the predictable plot and ending but instead they continue to have you question and think about space, gravity, the laws of physics, and have you guessing until the end and beyond.

When I left the theatre I was amazed that I was still awake. It was already 1:30am.

The movie trailer does a brillant job of not telling you everything so go ahead and watch it.

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