Monday, November 03, 2014

Subscription Boxes: Munch Better Canadian Subscription Box

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

I've been wanting something to vlog about and we originally started vlogging with beauty subscription boxes but stopped since our collection of beauty products and sample stockpiled so much that we were buying the subscription boxes but not using the products.  

It's been a year later and a half later and as our vlogs are becoming more sparse due to living life and both of our busy lifestyles, I decided to revisit what got us together in the first place for that inspiration.  Subscription boxes.

Now I didn't want to return to beauty subscription boxes because to tell you the truth I won't use them.  Half of the time, I gave all of the products away.  I recalled that the subscription box that I returned to and had a great appeal for me was Snackbox.  (However, since that time, it has merged and is now combined with an American company named Healthy Surprises).  I LOVED Canadian Snackbox when it existed because they were local and Canadian so I went looking for a substitute snack box.

That is how I discovered a Canadian Snack subscription box called Munch Better.  It has a reasonable price point of $19/month + $6 shipping for a grand total of $25.  With that you will receive 5-8 healthy snacks from Canadian companies.  I love supporting Canadian subscription boxes. 

Currently Munch Better is only a subscription box so when you order you will be charged monthly.  Of course you can cancel at anytime so you can technically start for one month and then stop if you wish to trial it for a month.  Right now I'm waiting for my November Munch Better box.  Come back to check out the Munch Better vlog too.  Yes, our subscription box vlogs are making a comeback!

Munch Better Website:

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