Saturday, December 06, 2014

2nd Cookie Swap - December 2014

Wow!  Originally when I organized my work cookie swap, I never thought much about the timing of the swap.  When the end result ended up with two cookie swaps in one week, I was happy that I only asked for 6 cookies per participant.

With the 2nd cookie swap with friends, the we decided on 12 cookies per participant.  I did cookie testing in the month of November and tried cookie recipes that took hours to make because the dough needed to be refrigerated overnight and then baked.  Those cookies were just eaten at home with friends. 

As the exchange date drew closer, I knew that I needed to make cookies that were small so I could make four dozen cookies easily.  I wanted to make a festive cookie as well so I decided on the "Chewy Peppermint Mocha Cookie."  I discovered this recipe by doing one of my multiple google searches and it has simple ingredients that I already had in my pantry or I could easily find.  It's from Eat, Live, Run website:

When I made the cookies, I used a cookie scoop so they were a bit rounder almost like a truffle shape.  The cookies were a success!  I managed to bake probably around 60 cookies because I dropped teaspoons of cookie dough instead of tablespoons.  

Cookies have inspired me to do more food photography because they are great still models.  Featured below are the other cookies in the cookie swap that included Chewy Peppermint Mocha Cookies, Lavender Shortbread, Christmas Sugar Cookies, and Holiday Cookie Bark.  Let's see if they can last until Christmas!

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