Monday, March 02, 2015

Vancouver Event: Vancouver International Wine Festival - 25 for under $25 Mingler

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

This year we went to the Vancouver International Wine Festival for the 25 for under $25 Mingler that is open to the public.  It was the first time for us to experience such a wine tasting and to have the opportunity to try 25 different types of wine that are all available in the liquor stores for an affordable price of under $25.  This mingler was hosted by The Province's Wine Guy who writes about budget minded bottles of wine on a regular basis and I imagine he gets to taste a few too.  It's great to be able to taste the different wines side by side to compare and to really find out which ones are your favorite.  I'm sure that each wine tastes well for its purpose and paired with specific foods but I'm not a wine connisieur.  Instead we are just Vancity Girlfriends, two ladies who enjoy our glasses of wine together.  

Thankfully the Vancouver International Wine Festival outlines some tips for your wine tasting experience and I am glad I took note of those beforehand.  Even though you may imagine that you want to guzzle all of the wines at once, this is not that type of event, so don't do it.  It is for 'tasting' or 'sipping' the wines and trust me, the ones you enjoy will stand out.  The others you'll just put the rest of the pour in the buckets and move onto the next wine.  With 25 wines in under 2 hours, you really have to pace yourself.  We got our first taste and then went straight to the appetizers to balance the wine with the cheese, bread, meat, and crackers.  Then we went back for more.  Even though it was busy as this is a sold out event every year, there's enough space to get your taster pour and then walk away so the next person can get their chance to talk with the wineries.  There were wines from all different countries including Australia, Germany, France, Spain, and of course the local Canadian wines. 

My favourite of the night was the Quail's Gate Pinoit Noir - light and refreshing pinoit noir that gives a memorable sip.  Quail's Gate Winery is located in Kewlona, BC, Canada.  

We loved the 25 for under $25 mingler at the Vancouver International Wine Festival so much that we are already planning next year's night on the town with #VIWF.  

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