Saturday, November 14, 2015

Vancouver Event: Buddha Woodha Jewellery Class

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

It's Social Shopper Saturday!  I love coupons and I have to admit had a bit of a couponing addition.  I'd buy the Social Shopper, Living Social, or Groupons and would just collect them.  There was a fascination to buying and getting such a great deal!  Then after I had the coupon I would often forget to book ahead of time or to use it.  Yes, it's a bad habit of mine.  Luckily I have learned my lessons so I'm more careful.  I make the reservation right after purchasing.  And with the new Canadian laws, the price that I paid for the coupon never expires.  

I love beading and crafting but the bead stores are so far away in Vancouver or Granville Island.  When I saw the Buddha Woodha Jewellery Making class, it was a good deal and so close to home in Burnaby at the local community center.  I couldn't resist and made a reservation for their ring and pendant class in October.  It's pretty amazing how much you can do in a 90 minute class.  We made two rings and one stone wrapped pendant.  I learned some new skills and had fun!  

They are having another class on wirework now that is offered on Social Shopper with Buddha Woodha.  It is the same deal that I got which is $29 per class for one person or $49 for two people.  My advice is to book your class early.  

Buddha Woodha Jewellery Making Class - Rings and Pendants

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