Sunday, November 15, 2015

Subscription Box Sunday: Fabletics

If you workout, do yoga, or run, and want new active wear then Kate Hudson's Fabletics is for you!  My girlfriend shared this subscription box with me because there are perks for referring friends ($10 off your next outfit) and the first outfit is half price at 50% off so that's $25 for a set of workout clothes.

Similar to other subscription boxes, with Fabletics, you take the fit quiz so they know what you are looking for and what type of fitness you do.  You can choose for example if you want yoga capris or running shorts.  

The VIP is the subscription box where you sign up for a new outfit a month.  So regular price that is $49.95 for an outfit.  The outfit is shipped at the beginning of the month and you have until the 5th of the month if you wish to skip a month.  The skipping a month is a great feature as I'm not sure if I would need or want a whole workout outfit each month.  I guess it would depend on how frequently you workout and how rough you are on your clothes.  Or another way to see it is how good quality your workout clothes were in the beginning. 

I love the idea of Fabletics and often return to the website to browse.  I haven't yet bitten the bullet to actually subscribe to Fabletics, but I know two girlfriends who have and they love it!  If you want to give yourself some new active wear to go with your fitness New Years Resolutions that are around the corner, then you want to check it out.  

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