Sunday, December 27, 2015

Subscription Box Sunday - Barkbox

Hello Vancity Girlfriends!

Awhile back we gifted Barkbox to a friend who just adopted a new puppy!  Her puppy's name is Rolo and she is a ball full of energy and love.  Every time I see her she cheers me up.

The year's no over and I wanted to share what was inside the "small dog" one month Barkbox which is a monthly subscription box for your pet.  There are toys, treats and healthy snacks galore.  Here's what was inside the Barkbox that we opened.  There were puppy loving treats inside.

1.  Bocce's Salmon Biscuits - Now this bicuit is larger that Rolo.  I broke the biscuit into small pieces so she could taste it.  Who knew dogs like salmon?

2.  Play toy where you hide the biscuits or treats inside and the puppy has to puzzle it out by rolling the toy around.  

3.  Another pumpkin pie granola treat for a puppy.  We didn't open this one as one new treat is enough for her to try.  We didn't want to overwhelm her with all new things. 

4.  Glow in the dark ball that you can put treats inside and they roll out.  Great for when it rolls under the couch because it glows so you can see it in the dark.  

5.  Rolo's favourite was the salmon skin stick!  She loved this one and played with it the longest until mom thought it was enough and had to tear the salmon skin away from her.  

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