Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BlogHer Writing Lab Wednesday - Checking Your Phone

Hello Everyone!

Today's BlogHer Writing Lab Wednesday Prompt of the Day is all about balancing and the number of times you check your phone throughout the day.  

Question:  "How many times do you check your phone during the day?"

Answer:  I wake up to my alarm on my phone and check my phone to make sure the battery is charged 100%.  Then I get ready for work and check my phone before I step out of the house again to see that I am 98% charged.  

During my commute to work I check my notifications, email, social media such as Twitter and Instagram, or surf the internet.  Once I've arrived at work, my phone is likely anywhere from 30% to 50% battery life.  (Yeah, this totally sucks but a new phone battery is on its way).  I plug in my phone to my laptop to charge and do my work.  

Then I check again maybe morning break, lunch time, and when I am finished work.  I can't really check more because of my battery life so that is keeping me in balance.  

My commute home is busier so I don't have time to check as much as often I'm standing on the skytrain.  

I wonder if I had a regular phone if I would check more.  I kinda like not checking too often.  It keeps me focused at work so I can finish work on time.  It also makes me realize that I might be able to live without a phone.  Hmmm...I know that will never happen.  But no battery life is almost the same.  
How about you?  How many times do you check everyday?

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