Sunday, February 21, 2016

Subscription Box Sunday - Baker's Krate Dessert Box

As the Canadian dollar is dropping in value against the US dollar I've been searching for subscription boxes that are from Canada so it is cheaper for me.  That's cheaper for shipping and total cost of the subscription box.  This is when I discovered that there are lots of new Canadian subscription boxes popping up and that subscription boxes are not dying off.  Even though there is turnover, and companies close, there are new ones ready to come abroad and subscription boxes are still popular in both Canada and the US.

Baker's Krate is a Canadian subscription box based from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Carolyn though we'd have to do the baking but surprise!  It's a sweet treat box.  There are 6 or more desserts in each box.  I signed up for their mailing list so I could receive their newsletter and the discounts codes included in them.  I thought it was timely to order a Baker's Krate for February in time for Valentine's Day.  I had a 15% discount so I ordered a 3 month subscription.  It worked out to be about $25 per box including shipping in Canada.  

The treats are delicious and irresistable that we couldnt' wait and ate as we vlogged.  That means the photo only shows four out of the six desserts that we received.  Watch our upcoming Baker's Krate vlog to see our yummy unboxing. 

We'll be back for more Vancity Girlfriends Baker's Krate unboxing every month until April!   This box is one that doesn't last long!  Few days and it's all gone!

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