Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekend Brunch - Trattoria Burnaby

Trattoria Burnaby may be known for their pasta Tuesdays, wine Wednesdays, or pizza Sundays, but did you know that they are open for brunch on the weekends.

Fennel Sausage Hash
We recently discovered this delight and their amazing brunch menu of eggs benedict, fennel and sausage hash, and when we went their they started us off with a complimentary sample of their bread pudding with chantilly cream.  They have real coffee and an espresso bar so you can have good coffee with your brunch.  

In Burnaby there are not a lot of breakfast joints and especially none that open early.  Trattoria Burnaby opens at 11am on the weekends and holidays for brunch but we hope that with our feedback, they will consider opening earlier on the weekends.  Then they could become out new breakfast joint.

Our first impression was a pretty good one.  I enjoyed my breakfast with my Mighty Leaf tea and since my husband raved about how delicious their coffee is, I may try that next time even though I'm not a regular coffee drinker.  

I'm happy we ventured on a rainy day to Trattoria Burnaby for brunch and here's the menu to check out if you are in the area.  I already know what I'll order the next time I go there, the Truffled Mushroom Frittata.

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