Friday, February 19, 2016

Vancouver Event: Vancouver Aquarium

This year my 7 year old niece is getting adventuresome and even though she was close to her mom in her younger years, she has recently realized that's it's okay to hang out with "auntie".  This means that I can have fabulous days where I spend the morning and afternoon finding out the joys of being young again.

Kids at school get free passes to Vancouver attractions and the ticket that she received was for the Vancouver Aquarium.  I hadn't been in years so it was great to go and see it through the eyes of a 7 year old.  I still had to pay $31 for an adult ticket but it was worth every penny for a memory that we'll never forget with my niece.

Everything is new and incredible at the aquarium.  We went through the tropics and each large glass she peered inside pointing in amazement at the different fish.  We saw a blue parrot and when we moved over to the Pacific Northwest there were jellyfish.  Jellyfish were one of my favorite.  We went to the 4D show which is lots of fun as the seats and effects will give you an entire experience.  Then we explored the exhibits outside which led us to the beluga whales, Chester, the false killer whale and penguins.  Of course every visit ends by exiting the gift shop and she did buy a seal with a magnetic pen attached.    

Time flies at the Vancouver Aquarium and I took lots of pics.  Here are some of the highlights below.  

Finding Nemo - Clownfish

Tortoises in the Tropics

Amazing Jellyfish



You can always find more info at their website:  

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